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WhatÂ’s in your Pocket?

WhatÂ’s in your Pocket?

Riverside, California. October 31, 2003 – New Year’s Resolution setters may be in for an extra boost of success this year.

(PRWEB) November 2, 2003

Each year, “25% of New Year’s Resolutions will be abandoned in the first 15 weeks,” states Polivy and Herman, in a recent article for American Psychologist.

“Most people enjoy setting New Year’s Resolutions, but their mistake lies in failure to commit to them in writing,” states Brian Meert, President of PocketGoals. com. However, an experience with PocketGoals will change the way individuals achieve their New Year’s Resolutions forever,” says Meert. “Once people see how easily and conveniently PocketGoals work, they’ll be amazed at how simple it is to accomplish their goals.”

The PocketGoals Company introduced its revolutionary solution to help individuals achieve New Year’s Resolutions. A “PocketGoal” is the size of a credit card and contains a personalized area where customers type in up to seven of their current goals or resolutions. Next to each goal is a small scratch off area covering a green checkmark. This allows individuals to uncover the checkmark as they complete their goals.

Statistically, the most common New YearÂ’s Resolutions are directed towards areas such as exercise, weight loss, education, quitting a bad habit, finances, and career advancement. PocketGoals directly targets these areas by offering benefits that include small size, convenience, ease of use, and privacy of goals.

After the national release of their product, The PocketGoal Company plans to begin working towards their goal – to positively affect the lives of 1 million Americans by December 31, 2006. PocketGoals is currently accomplishing this through workshops, seminars, and their “Make a Difference” program, which donates a portion of each purchase to a charity selected by the customer.

 So what advice does a goal setting company offer for 2004? The PocketGoals Company suggests four dynamic tips that are sure to bring success in the New Year.

1 – Write down your goals.

 People who drive without a map or sail without a compass usually become either frustrated or lost. Writing down goals gives you a finish line for your accomplishments.

2 – Plan for Action.

 Robin Hood may have seen his target, but he didnÂ’t become a legend until he shot the arrow. Once you know where you are headed, develop a plan and take action.

3 – Believe in Yourself.

 If you knew you couldnÂ’t fail, how would that affect the way you lived? Officially, youÂ’re not a failure until the day you give up. So go for it!

4 – Don’t Give Up.

A study by the University of Washington discovered that, “Of all the people who achieved their goals, only 40% did so on the first attempt.” Translation – Keep trying!

To schedule an interview, request a motivational column, or for more information, contact The PocketGoals Company, 13098 Via Salvia, Riverside, CA 92503. Phone 909.775.4794. Logo and pictures are available for publication at www. pocketgoals. com/press (http://www. pocketgoals. com/press )

PocketGoals are available exclusively through their website www. pocketgoals. com.


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